The Technology Lifecycle

IT Vendor Management Atlanta, Sandy Springs

Like you, ProviDyn depends on reliable IT systems, process management and line of business applications in order to serve clients who require the same to serve their clients. Regardless of industry. Our most significant line of business application is Connectwise. It’s Professional Services Automation, ERP, CRM and Business Intelligence wrapped into one. Connectwise allows us to help businesses do more of what they do best by monitoring, managing, supporting and SECURING all of their IT systems and users. Not only does Connectwise have to work at peak efficiency; it also needs to be supported by infrastructure that is working at peak efficiency. That’s why we follow an IT strategy that supports our business goals with detailed budgeting based on the following dynamic pieces of the technology lifecycle:

  • Laptops have a lifespan of approximately 3 years
  • Workstations have a lifespan of approximately 3-4 years
  • Servers have a lifespan of approximately 3-5 years
  • Switches have a lifespan of approximately 7-10 years
  • Wireless Access Points have a lifespan of approximately 3-5 years
  • Firewalls have a lifespan of approximately 5-7 years plus related warranty and support contracts
  • Cabling & Wiring (Low Voltage) have a lifespan of approximately 7-10 years
  • Network Operating Center assets need to be moved or upgraded every 2-3 years
  • Internet Security & Compliance is an everyday, 24/7/365 consideration
  • Internet Connectivity includes a primary as well as a secondary failover connection and the service is rebid every 2 years to improve price/performance outcomes
  • Hardware Warranties are typically 3 years
  • Software Licensing is evaluated on a regular basis to determine whether Perpetual (CAPEX) or subscription (OPEX) is best suited to current requirements
  • Public Cloud Services like O365 and DropBox are ongoing considerations with options heavily influenced by changing security and integration requirements
  • Operating System upgrades are ongoing and imperative considering today’s security landscape
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery is an everyday, 24/7/365 consideration. Data is expanding exponentially and the need for redundancy, successful backups and verification cannot be understated
  • Business Continuity is an everyday, 24/7/365 discipline. We follow written plans and employ redundant network operating centers
  • Battery Backup and Power are maintained with primary, secondary and tertiary sources with daily verification

How does this apply to you? ProviDyn has been doing this successfully since 2008 while being supported by the same team who will support you. We’ve already figured it out so you don’t have to.

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