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Strategic IT Advisory Services Atlanta

In an intensely competitive business environment, organizations that take a strategic approach to technology rather than a reactive one are best able to overcome competitive pressures, surmount business and technology challenges and foster lasting success. Our IT Advisory service practice was developed with these specific business goals in mind.

Every Engagement Operates on the Premise that Sound Strategy is the Best Foundation for any Business Improvement Effort

We begin with a business-level conversation that identifies and/or confirms the specific outcomes that will meet the target objectives, whether they are risk mitigation, operational efficiency, competitive advantage and/or return on investment. This approach not only ensures our advice will support the desired result; it reinforces the ProviDyn advisory philosophy: Advice should promote a rewarding outcome for the customer. It should never become a product sales pitch.

From that point, we help the client determine whether our IT Advisory service is needed for one or more specific projects, or if the firm would benefit from access to a strategic technology advisor on a regular basis. We then tailor its recommendations to suit the level of need.

ProviDyn® Advisory Service Helps Businesses:

  • Create a strategic blueprint and budget to harness technology for better business outcomes.
  • Navigate the complexities of risk to reduce exposure and liability, from cyber risk to regulatory audits and compliance.
  • Validate resource allocation and expenses based on strategic business objectives.
  • Develop functional, business-wide backup strategies, plans and procedures.
  • Evaluate, deploy and stay abreast of evolving technologies, such as Cloud computing, mobile device management and VoIP communications.
  • Effectively prepare for new business startup or upcoming business expansion.
  • Inspire business innovation and creativity.
  • Strengthen customer trust and transparency.
  • Optimize use of human capital.
  • Accelerate business potential and opportunity.

We look forward to speaking with you about engaging, assessing and addressing your needs with a project or ongoing program.

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