Data Center Services

Traditional Data or Colocation Centers provide space (for equipment) and bandwidth (for communications) to businesses through a rental agreement. These facilities offer power, cooling and security for server, storage and networking equipment, while simultaneously delivering connectivity to a variety of network service providers.

If you need help determining the ROI of a technology investment, feel free to give us a call.

The challenge? There’s typically a minimum usage requirement, and it’s likely to exceed what most SMBs can justify.

Maximize Your ROI (and Your Capabilities)

As a top level user of world class, Tier IV data center facilities, we negotiate the best available rates and pass on maximum savings to our clients. And while many data centers require clients to administer their own equipment, you can offload that responsibility (and associated costs) to us through a Managed Services agreement. This lets your organization implement the solution architecture needed to meet your unique business requirements at a cost that will maximize your ROI.

Benefit from ProviDyn®’s World Class Data Center Services:

  • Utilize Tier IV facilities at affordable rates.
  • Offload the management of your equipment.
  • Maximize the ROI in your IT infrastructure.