Professional Services

Professional it services

Professional Services, frequently referred to as Professional IT Project Services, cover a wide variety of business-enabling technology initiatives. Closely informed by your strategy, budget, and compliance requirements, each project contributes to an overall business continuity plan with short, medium, and long-term objectives.

ProviDyn managed IT services clients are assigned a dedicated Strategic Account Manager whose primary job is to make sure every element of your digital estate – infrastructure, network, and security – is optimized to drive the business results you are seeking.

This includes taking close inventory of your assets and carefully managing the technology lifecycle to be certain the make, model, version, and useful life of each piece is maximized for interoperability, user experience, efficiency, uptime and risk reduction.

We happen to employ most if not all of the technology and best practices we recommend, which adds credibility and empathy to the advisory process with our Atlanta IT clients. ProviDyn’s growth over the last 10 years has taken us through distinct phases of digital transformation including 3 office moves to accommodate our expanding workforce.

The journey started with owning and collocating our own servers at a data center, where bare metal boxes were virtualized to serve both ProviDyn and client operations. At this time, many of our clients still had on-premise file shares, databases, line of business applications, and storage; in conjunction with a few cloud alternatives that were just starting to get more mainstream market adoption.

We then migrated this infrastructure to a private cloud provider, and leased server, compute and storage resources instead of having to capitalize these expenses. Many clients paired this private datacenter service option with existing onsite server appliances and an expanding array of new cloud solutions. Then the hyper-growth public cloud revolution took the business world by storm.

Now Atlanta businesses are either having ProviDyn move everything to Fortune 50 powerhouses such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services or in the very least, helping them manage and maintain a hyper-converged infrastructure. This latter option combines next-generation public cloud services with on-premise machines for very specific workloads and performance needs. Some would say it’s the best of both worlds.

In providing these professional IT services, we’ve also earned a PhD. in “Office Moves” and have a blue-print with a repeatable process that covers site surveys, planning, project management, the coordination and set up of low voltage cabling and wiring, WiFi, networks, workstations, servers, switching, power solutions, backup power, data storage, data backup, firewalls, telco closets, voice, data, Internet, VoIP, phone systems, carrier services, alarm systems, conference rooms, and security cameras.

And like you, we frequently wrestle with market-driven demands and the need to confront and process uncomfortable budgetary realities. We’re seldom overjoyed when we have to make additional IT system investments but we have no choice if we wish to maintain our competitive edge. The same is true for you and sometimes the right solution isn’t the lowest cost option.

While there’s definitely a time and a place for doing it yourself, there’s no substitute for knowing when it’s time to hire a better-qualified resource. This is why ProviDyn leverages third-party consultants and managed services providers who only serve the MSP/managed IT services industry. Yes, we outsource too!

In short, we’ve been there, done that, and we’ve grown very accustomed to listening and making our clients feel equally at ease with the kind of decisions we’ve already made and will continue to make.

Professional IT Project Services cover a wide range of needs:

  • Azure, M365, Proofpoint & SharePoint Migrations
  • Cyber Security Assessments & Ethical Phishing Tests
  • Cyber Security Best Practices Training
  • IT Roadmaps & Network Diagrams
  • Low Voltage Cabling & Wiring
  • M&A Due Diligence
  • Office Move Management
  • Security & Compliance Consulting
  • Sourcing of Web and App Development Vendors
  • Strategic Technology Reviews
  • VoIP Solutions