Virtual Desktop Services

A Virtual Desktop is a Cloud-based solution that delivers a Windows desktop interface — complete with company data and applications — to any authorized user, on any device, in any Internet-connected location.

Discover how our Virtual Desktop can help your business succeed.

Also referred to as Desktop as a Service (DaaS), this ultra-secure, compliant solution ensures a consistent corporate workspace for users across every end-user machine or device, including tablets, smartphones, laptops, PCs and thin clients. Powered by industry-leading Cisco infrastructure, ProviDyn®’s DaaS can be deployed in minutes and affords companies the flexibility to add or remove desktops easily and scale from one desktop to 1,000 or more.

Our Desktop as a Service Benefits:

  • Reduce Complexity - End the vicious cycle of operating system (OS) upgrades forever and extend the life of legacy hardware by moving desktops to the Cloud.
  • Save Money - Transform desktops from capital outlays to predictable, easy-to-budget operating expenses.
  • Extend Productivity - Provide the workforce with access to data and applications at any time and from any device/location, whether or not company offices are open.
  • Increase Worker Satisfaction - Per the “Mobile Workforce Survey” from Runzheimer International, employee satisfaction is the top benefit of enabling a mobile workforce, cited by 26% of respondents.
  • Gain Control - Secure and manage applications and multiple desktop models from a single console — create custom policies for usage, establish privileges for user groups, and more.
  • End IT Hassles - We handle all desktop and application updates and patches, ensuring they are always current.