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Cloud Services Mableton

Cloud services (an integral component of MSP services) are digitally transforming our world as organizations shift from owning hardware and software to renting access to an expanding array of Web-based alternatives.

Cloud services AKA Software as a Service (SaaS) allow businesses to save time, space, and expense. How? Someone else is amortizing the capital expense on everything that can break, overcrowd a phone closet, be vulnerable to weather conditions, or depreciate and require replacement.

From identity management to file sharing, server access, storage, email, office productivity, line of business applications, web hosting, VoIP phone systems, security cameras, access control, backup, disaster recovery, and more, the monthly subscription options are endless.

Equally significant, SaaS improves business continuity, drives operating efficiencies, allows employees to work from anywhere, and gets continuously upgraded.

It’s hard to beat this combination of benefits, and as luck would have it, the marketplace is forcing everyone in this direction.

All roads lead to the cloud!

Every major software developer is writing code designed for Microsoft Azure, AWS, and other leased data center infrastructure to deliver their services. And just about every transaction you conduct online is built on this flavor of cloud infrastructure.

Nobody wants to own and operate infrastructure or have to administer a lot of confusing software licensure.

Microsoft’s long-term plan is to phase out client-server software offerings in favor of services that are much easier to deliver when accessed directly via a secure Internet connection.

Microsoft is also incentivizing third-party IT services providers (MSPs) to offer value-added support. This arrangement allows Microsoft to focus on innovation and development while end-users get more attention and hand-holding from a managed services provider of their choosing.

To get some perspective on the never-ending transformation, think about what happened to Blockbuster Entertainment, VHS tapes, encyclopedias, vinyl albums, CDs, and Live Nation concert tickets. More dramatic shifts are inevitable in the next five to ten years.

Finetuning your cloud portfolio is a continuous process.

There are two kinds of businesses: ones that use the cloud and ones that don’t know they use the cloud.

Approved IT applications and unapproved ones (Shadow IT) are running parallel in approximately 50% of all businesses.

Many businesses are also using consumer-grade cloud applications, some of which are free and many of which (along with Shadow IT) can present your organization with elevated security and compliance risk.

It’s essential to take inventory of what you have and determine what needs to be augmented or replaced.

Every business needs business-class tools for two primary reasons: increased functionality and enhanced cybersecurity protection.

You don’t need to move everything to the cloud at once!

Many businesses have hardware-based infrastructure which is under contract and may still have some additional useful life.

The equipment could also be associated with a software application that doesn’t work in the cloud.

In these instances, some items may have to wait before being retired and be integrated with other applications that no longer need to live onsite.

This setup is known as a hybrid environment, and just about every company has a mixture with more innovative organizations having more of their digital assets offsite.


Where are you in your cloud journey?

At ProviDyn®, we take a strategic and customized approach to determine the best combination of onsite and cloud services.

This architecture is carefully planned to match your business needs and budget, then carefully managed when any transition projects become relevant.

ProviDyn® delivers and supports a wide range of cloud services tailored to improve your performance, ignite your growth, enhance team collaboration, and lower liability.

Learn more about custom cloud solutions:

  • Private Cloud services allow you to access your most important applications 24/7/365, wherever you happen to be, in secure, geographically diverse SOC2 Compliant data centers.
  • Business Continuity solutions AKA “Backup and Disaster Recovery” continuously and reliably backs-up your on-premise data and systems to the Cloud allowing quick recovery in the event of a disaster, including the ability to instantaneously run your entire business in the Cloud.
  • VoIP Services allow you to remove clunky equipment from the phone closet and let everyone enjoy the power of Unified Communications in the Cloud. This connects your team via highly customizable auto attendants, call centers, on-hold messaging, call recording, reporting, CRM integration, direct dials, instant messaging, softphones, desk phones, voicemail to email, and simultaneous ring, among countless other features.
  • Hosted Email provides maximum user access as well as the latest security tools like anti-spam, anti-malware, anti-phishing, content filtering, encryption, backup and archiving.
  • Web hosting puts your digital storefront at the fingertips of the marketplace while securely isolating your site or sites from your internal systems and data. Each package comes with a variety of options to add security tools to address the latest cyber threats.