IT Services For Pharmaceutical Firms

Technology Services for Pharmaceutical Companies: Supporting Mission-critical Systems And Safeguarding Public Trust

Pharmaceutical firms are in a unique and sensitive position. Heavily regulated and responsible to the public for a product that is both effective and safe, they rely on technology to keep their operations running at peak efficiency, 24/7. Even a minor breakdown of mission-critical systems can result in financial loss, damage to corporate reputation and even danger to customers around the world.

ProviDyn® has developed specialized technology and IT services for pharmaceutical firms—from remote IT monitoring and problem resolution to compliant cloud planning and management—that supports the specialized business model of pharmaceutical enterprises. We understand the importance of achieving availability, confidentiality, security and access control at every level—in the R&D labs, the corporate offices and out in the field—while maintaining non-stop, real-time availability of information and systems.

Customized IT Services for Pharmaceutical Firms

  • Security: Identify and deploy the most highly developed security solutions to safeguard intellectual property, specialized equipment, research and development initiatives, sensitive communications and other proprietary assets. We are experts in rapidly evolving encryption, authentication and authorization protocols.
  • Outside Representatives: Empower the field team with advanced mobility to enable robust access with strict external IT policy management. We also support “eyes in the field” solutions such as geo-tracking and activity monitoring.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Meet all security, compliance and audit requirements for data and corporate communications, in transit and at rest, related to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley) and other relevant entities, laws and initiatives.
  • Managed IT Services: Implement remote, 24/7 monitoring and problem resolution, Help Desk and onsite support, either as part of a turn-key IT package or to boost continuity and relieve pressure on the existing IT team.
  • Strategic IT Planning: Work closely with key stakeholders to identify new technologies that align with the organization’s business goals and corporate constraints and then evaluate, acquire and deploy them.
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity: Implement automated, secure, cloud-based backup and disaster recovery programs with rapid deployment of cloud servers for offsite access and continuity.
  • Vendor Management: Evaluate technical specifications and requirements, working directly with proprietary system suppliers to ensure functional, efficient integration with IT systems.