Google Fiber


Google Fiber has become available throughout much of the Atlanta area, and small and midsized businesses (SMBs) are using Internet speeds up to 1,000 megabits per second to boost and expand their business operations. The technology is revolutionizing Internet delivery for SMBs. Even organizations that already have T1 lines will enjoy speeds up to 650 times faster—at price reductions of up to 60%.

ProviDyn® has been designated as a Google Fiber Tech Partner. We have the training and service offerings to help SMBs maximize the value of Google Fiber and use its super-fast speeds to resolve many IT challenges.

What Can Google Fiber Do for Me?

Google Fiber’s blazing-fast speeds do more than accelerate Internet access and improve delivery of Internet and cloud-based telephony services. ProviDyn’s experts can help clients use Google Fiber to enhance everything from data security to cloud computing. We can assist customers in setting up and optimizing their networks to make full use of Google Fiber, including the option for a “static” (unchanging) IP address, which is required for certain advanced Internet systems.

ProviDyn’s technicians are specially trained in the fiber products and services that will help small businesses roll out Google Fiber and make the most of these super-fast Internet connections. To learn more, contact us today.