Why Invest in your Company?

IT investment

While there is no such thing as a perfect formula to determine how much you should invest in IT systems, Gartner Group Benchmark Analytics provides a useful benchmark of spending across all major industry categories. Updated every year, they track IT spending as a percentage of revenue and employ a cross-industry of average 3.3%.

Before you question whether 3.3% of annual sales is the right guideline for you, keep in mind the right IT investment varies by a host of factors including but not limited to operating mentality, industry, maturity of the business, IT staffing levels, office space for IT resources and risk tolerance.

Underspending On IT Can Be Costly

Organizations that significantly underspend on IT incur much higher costs in productivity, efficiency and customer relations.

Leverage ProviDyn®’s Expertise - Maximize Your IT Investment

Our team has a combined background in business and technology – and a wealth of experience serving a wide range of industries and non-profits. We would love to share our time-tested findings and help you determine the best approach to this critical investment strategy.

The Right Approach – The Right Rewards:

  • Boost Staff Productivity – Outsource your IT service, support and strategy.
  • Eliminate Downtime – Take a pre-emptive approach to IT management.
  • Avoid Unexpected Expense – Enjoy cost-effective, fixed and predictable monthly fees.
  • Stay Ahead of Technology Affordably – Access the latest hardware, software and knowledge.