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Our Atlanta-based IT company has successfully served many small and mid-sized nonprofits and companies in a wide range of industries by delivering a smart approach to technology service and support. We bring our clients a strategic and proactive methodology for IT management. In return, we gain an increased capacity to leverage what we learn from each client, to better serve all of our clients.

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Engineering firms have a variety of unique requirements such as reliable document access, large format printing and software integration as well as project/industry specific compliance regulations. ProviDyn® has developed a specialized offering of technology services—from cloud-based, government grade document archival, encrypted document transfer, remote IT monitoring and problem resolution to vendor managing the integration of client portals and CAD solutions. Our backup and disaster recovery solutions along with unified threat management tools ensure peace of mind while keeping your blueprints, designs and other intellectual property available in real-time, confidential and secure through consultation, design, and implementation.

Financial Services
From financial advisors and wealth management boutiques to CPA’s and insurance brokers, ProviDyn understands all of the regulatory nuances and compliance requirements that affect this particular category of professional services. ProviDyn provides secure, single sign-on solutions that drive productivity across the laptop, the desktop, the smartphone, the tablet and the cloud. Special areas of focus include information lifecycle management, business continuity planning, backup and disaster recovery, acceptable use policy, long-term data retention as well as vendor managing the integration of client portals, agency management, portfolio management and accounting software.

Today’s increasingly interconnected digital world is driving savvy law firms to not only demand the latest anytime-anywhere, productivity and collaboration tools, they also expect amplified levels of data security to protect confidential client information. Our carefully developed offering of technology services include cloud-based, government grade document archival, vendor management of third-party legal matter management applications, backup and disaster recovery to customized, policy controlled mobile solutions and more, providing IT services for attorneys with a technological advantage to operate at peak efficiency with much lower liability and increased peace of mind.

Supply chains, increasingly global in scope are only as strong as their weakest link. That’s why manufacturers need their team and ERP solutions to integrate with best in class infrastructure in order to address demand, elevate the customer experience and conform to stringent cost guidelines. With the Internet of things (IoT) creating new concerns about data breaches originating in factory machines interconnected with the back office, ProviDyn views security as a dynamic discipline that extends way beyond conventional computing devices and geographical borders. Want to compete with greater confidence and agility? We make it easy with services that include cloud-based, government grade document archival, unified threat management, vendor management of ERP, carrier, phone system, cloud and ISP solutions, backup and disaster recovery as well as customized, policy controlled mobile solutions.

Media is an increasingly deadline-driven digital industry. Professionals depend on the rapid, reliable release of information and real-time updates to meet deadlines and manage multiple projects across a growing and fragmented array of online, social and traditional outlets. ProviDyn has the robust infrastructure needed to support audio and video streaming, data storage, and cross platform content distribution. Our specialized offering of technology services—from remote IT monitoring and problem resolution to cloud planning and management—supports this fast moving and dynamic industry. We have personal experience supporting thousands of users and protecting digital assets on laptops, smartphones and cloud servers that will keep your operations in the fast lane.

Nonprofit organizations face constant pressure to affordably acquire and implement technologies vital to their success. They are also challenged by frequent employee turnover, new employee training demands and support needs that vary for staff members, volunteers and donors. We start by understanding the specific needs of each nonprofit with whom we partner including current infrastructure, CRM and funding levels then create a customized technology strategy that allows us to source the right technology tools, from the broadest array of quality vendors, at the deepest discounts. Our IT services for nonprofits are much more than a vendor relationship — we become part of the mission.

Pharmaceutical firms are in a unique and sensitive position. Heavily regulated and responsible to the public for a product that is both effective and safe, they rely on technology to keep their operations running at peak efficiency - 24/7/365. Even a minor breakdown of mission-critical systems can result in financial loss, damage to corporate reputation and even danger to customers around the world. As a top Atlanta IT company, ProviDyn has developed a specialized offering of pharmaceutical technology services—from remote IT monitoring and problem resolution to compliant cloud planning and management—that supports the specialized business model of pharmaceutical enterprises. We understand the importance of achieving availability, confidentiality, security and access control at every level—in the R&D labs, the corporate offices and out in the field—while maintaining non-stop, real-time availability of information and systems.

Real Estate
Acquisitions, investments, development, property management, construction management and real estate brokerage are service intensive disciplines with high financial stakes, tight timelines, shifting deadlines and multiple stakeholders who don’t politely suffer operational fails. From investment boutiques to multi-location property management companies, top performers rely on ProviDyn to provide secure, single sign-on solutions that drive productivity across the laptop, the desktop, the smartphone, the tablet and the cloud. We also have deep domain expertise with DaaS, complex datacenter migrations and virtualization.

Technology clients have infrastructure needs that span tech ops, application development and production. Each environment requires different coverage models, technical support as well as quickly deployed project services to accommodate increases and decreases in resource demand. As a rapidly evolving technology company we have personal experience managing all facets of the technology lifecycle while simultaneously supporting thousands of users and protecting digital assets on laptops, smartphones and cloud servers. This includes owning and building out our own “production” infrastructure, utilizing customized client service applications along with architecting service delivery models that span hardware, virtual as well as hybrid environments.

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