Switching to ProviDyn

Our Process makes IT easy to switch

New clients sometimes worry that switching to a new IT services provider means they will have to contend with downtime, disruption and numerous hassles while the new team completes the onboarding. With ProviDyn®, everything will continue to work seamlessly while we manage every facet of the transition. We make the switch a swift and painless experience.

Seven Simple Steps of Transition

  1. INTRODUCTORY CALL - for you to meet your dedicated onboarding specialists.
  2. A SIMPLE FORM - will be provided to facilitate the collection of basic technical details from your outgoing IT support company or in-house IT resource. We will serve as a liaison with all relevant parties and play extremely well with other IT vendors. We can also retrieve this information through other means in the absence of formal documentation.
  3. THE FIRST SITE VISIT – will be conducted by ProviDyn onboarding specialists. This includes a deeper assessment of your systems, deployment of monitoring and maintenance software, a detailed presentation of the ProviDyn IT support process to your employees as well as an official welcome pack.
  4. THE SECOND SITE VISIT – will be conducted by ProviDyn Technical Account Managers (”TAMs”) who will perform any required set-ups, migrations or changes. We will also gather all necessary information about other technology vendors whose services integrate with your network. At this stage we begin supporting your infrastructure and providing help desk support to all of your users.
  5. REMOTE MONITORING – of your servers and workstations by engineers in our Network Operations Center allows us to collect very detailed information about your IT infrastructure.
  6. ADVANCED DIGITAL DISCOVERY – via ticketing, remote monitoring and management tools will be used to create a detailed technical health summary of all IT systems and applications.
  7. THE THIRD SITE VISIT – is scheduled once all of the changes and migrations have been completed. This meeting sets the stage for regular vCIO “Strategic Business Reviews” (monthly or quarterly) where we provide short, medium and long term recommendations/budgetary guidelines for your IT infrastructure.