Client/Employee Referral Program


When we receive a referral from a client or business partner, we pay close attention to the gesture. It’s not only a strong indicator of a job well done, it’s oftentimes an opportunity to meet like-minded organizations who value advisory relationships based on trust and cultural alignment. We feel the same way about potential employees you send our way. If you happen to recommend a candidate, they are definitely worth a closer look.

Reward 1 - A $500 credit on your monthly invoice if we hire a candidate you recommend.

Reward 2 - A $50 AMEX Gift Card for every prospect you refer to ProviDyn® who gets to the proposal stage.

Reward 3 - A $1,000 credit on your monthly invoice or $1,000 donation to a charity of your choosing after the new client pays their first ProviDyn invoice.

We also have a business partner referral program which is handled on a case-by-case basis.

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