During our process of vetting new IT managed service vendors, we had interviewed and received proposals from 3 different Atlanta companies. None of them really stood out particularly. I had one other vendor that was a possibility but by the time I had received their sales call, we were so far along the process. Fortunately, I took the time to call them back to hear what they had to say. Instantly, I could tell that ProviDyn was different and unique. Their first question was a real eye-opener. It was simple: “What are you still looking for that all the other providers are not offering?” This made us think and helped us realize we were looking for a business partner who would help us with our strategy. And do so without pushing products, ripping and replacing all of our infrastructure and luring us in with low-ball pricing that would have to be adjusted once we signed the contract and got set up with IT systems that would actually work in the fulfillment of our mission. As a nonprofit, their quick response, no pressure ethic and personable staff (from the top down) has reassured us that we made the best choice!

Chief Financial Officer
Nonprofit Organization