ProviDyn’s 10-Year Anniversary Picnic Turns Into A Wild Jenga Tournament

ProviDyn’s 10-Year Anniversary Picnic Turns Into A Wild Jenga Tournament


ATLANTA – October 20, 2018 – ProviDyn®, a provider of IT support, strategy and services for small and medium-sized businesses and nonprofits, celebrated its 10-year anniversary with a company picnic at Hammond Park in Sandy Springs.

No ProviDyn gathering is complete without an excessive spread of comfort food with classic rock, soul and R&B blaring out of our mobile Bose Tower PA system. Both provided the perfect backdrop to an afternoon of assorted games to build team spirit and laughs.

ProviDyn CEO Hamish Davidson proudly noted, “Not many people enjoy hanging out with their work colleagues on a Saturday. But we foster a real family vibe around here and enjoy blowing off some collective steam to celebrate our wins.”

“We also get to see our esteemed founder take short cuts in relay races that involve balancing a plumb on a spoon,” joked Solution Advisor Jed Fearon regarding Davidson’s tendency to cut up and kick up a little mischief.

The gathering also marked the first time ProviDyn played Jenga as an organization. And it certainly won’t be the last considering all the fun involved. Director of Operational Services, Linda Williams commented, “It was fun to watch the engineers remove and reposition the jumbo-sized pieces in matches that stretched up to 30 minutes each. Everybody was on edge. Of course, everyone died laughing when the ad hoc block structures came tumbling down. And zero alcohol was involved. Not quite as dramatic as football, but certainly more engaging than golf.”

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