ProviDyn Supersizes The Safety In November

ProviDyn Supersizes The Safety In November


ATLANTA – November 5, 2018 – ProviDyn®, a provider of IT support, strategy and services for small and medium-sized businesses and nonprofits, participated in The Safe America Foundation’s Training For Global Safety Fall Forum 2018. The 2-day event was held on November 1st at the AT&T Regional Training Center and on November 2nd at the Federal Reserve - both in Midtown Atlanta.

The Safe America Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit licensed by the state of Georgia. Chartered in 1994, with headquarters in Marietta, Georgia, the foundation partners with corporate, governmental, public and private sector organizations, and other nonprofits to improve the safety awareness and preparedness of Americans nationwide.

Safe America’s mission is to educate the public and thought leaders on existing and emerging health and safety issues; and to develop, distribute and facilitate programming that impacts personal behavior and extends life.

According to ProviDyn Solution Advisor Jed Fearon, “A mission like this covers a broad range of categories like Fighting Human Trafficking, Developing Healthcare Leadership, Engaging the Medical Community, Assisting Veterans, Tackling the Opioid Crisis, Improving Travel Safety, and Improving Cloud Safety and Cyber Security, which is my area of expertise. You can’t work for a managed IT services provider these days without learning a great deal about this discipline.”

Fearon continued, “Len Pagano, the CEO of Safe America enlisted me to deliver a presentation on the Dark Web on the first day of the conference then participate in a Cyber Security panel discussion with a handful of local technology executives including Ria Aikens, Director, City of Atlanta and moderator Taiye Lambo, Director – Cyber Security, Federal Reserve, on the second day.”

The Dark Web presentation was particularly well received because most people admit to using the same user ID’s and passwords for their work as well as their personal accounts. This means a data breach of one account can open the door to dozens of other accounts. Once this happens, cyber criminals can sell the information on the Dark Web which is roughly 550 times larger than the surface Web and growing. Because you can operate anonymously, the Dark Web holds a wealth of stolen data and illegal activity. The best course of action is to use a different password for every account and stop work using your work email address for personal matters.

“It was really interesting to hear from somebody who was on the front line responding to the March ransomware attack that crippled the City of Atlanta,” noted Len Pagano. Len went onto say, “All panelists agreed that technology solutions alone will never be a silver bullet. The importance of the human factor and the need for careful change management can never be overstated. Cyber security is more of a people problem than a technology problem.”

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