ProviDyn Launches Cloud-Based Web Security Platform

Managed Services Provider Alleviates Web Security Issues and Gives Greater Control Over Internet Usage

ProviDyn®, a provider of IT support, strategy and services for small and medium-sized businesses and nonprofits, today announced a new cloud-based web security solution to help companies implement and maintain a secure environment for web access and allow for additional control over employees’ use of the internet.

With this new solution, ProviDyn now provides its clients with an efficient and effective platform for malware protection, content filtering for web traffic, and web usage reporting across their organizations.

Use of the web has become a necessary, daily activity for every organization. Because of this large-scale use, it is increasingly important for companies to maintain a greater level of control over employees’ use of the internet. This control ensures significant protection against malware, as well as enforcing corporate guidelines for web surfing and internet access. Coupled with the ability to produce reporting on web usage, this platform helps companies to better protect themselves against internal and external threats by securing on and off-network users, on any device.With ProviDyn’s cloud-based security, small and medium-sized organizations:

  • Increased protection from malware and phishing attacks,
  • Gain visibility and control site traffic and internet use by their employees,
  • Develop awareness of internal internet usage, and
  • Produce reporting on corporate web traffic

“The internet is a valuable asset for all companies, but poses a risk to both the security of the network, as well as the productivity and efficiency of staff members if it is not used properly,” said Hamish Davidson, president and CEO of ProviDyn. “This platform allows our clients to have a much greater understanding of how their organization is using the internet, ensuring that employees are accessing the web as they should be, and creating further protection against threats to their network.”

About ProviDyn

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