ProviDyn Engages in Business Process Analysis in Quest for Ongoing Excellence

Atlanta, Georgia - ProviDyn®, a provider of IT support, strategy and services for small and medium-sized businesses and nonprofits, today announced it has engaged in an intensive SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis facilitated by Heartland Technology Group (HTG). A SWOT analysis is a serious of rigorous, in-depth sessions where team members of HTG and process improvement consultants connect with leaders and employees of the participating company. During the two-day event, the team conducts interviews, examines corporate materials and explores situations, and then brainstorms to develop a list of actionable recommendations.

In order to qualify for the event, company management must lay its operations completely bare, including balance sheets and P&L statements for the past three years, for the team to analyze. The participating company must also be a member of one of the HTG Peer Groups, which are groups of technology business owners and executives who meet regularly to collaborate and share ideas in order to foster business and professional growth.

“An HTG SWOT is a deeply introspective process that not every business is comfortable undertaking, but we knew it could bring us great insights,” said ProviDyn President and CEO Hamish Davidson. “We are passionately committed to quality and excellence, not only in our IT services but also in our processes and overall approach to business. We’ve seen other companies reap dramatic improvements from this methodology and we approached it with enthusiasm and open minds.”

The SWOT recommendations are presented first to the executive team and then to the participating company’s entire staff. The business owner retains full decision-making authority over their implementation but the executive team is encouraged to prioritize, schedule and set deadlines for implementing the recommendations. The entire value of a SWOT analysis is the list of action items itself, and that value is diminished if participants do not address them over the subsequent year. The participating firm’s team also reports back to its peer group with updates (successes and roadblocks) on its progress.

“With our SWOT analysis behind us, we are developing strategies to accomplish the recommendations we received,” said Davidson. “Additionally, we look forward to continued improvement as we connect with other business leaders through HTG Peer Groups to facilitate business and professional growth.”

About ProviDyn

ProviDyn provides technology expertise, services and support to help small and mid-sized organizations sustain growth and strengthen performance. Backed by technology experts, ProviDyn helps organizations gain the full benefits of existing technology, make strategic investments in implementing new technology and maintain an infrastructure that is secure, reliable and flexible. ProviDyn offers managed services, mobile computing, IT strategy, virtualization, cloud computing, business continuity, network security and IP telephony. To learn more about how ProviDyn is driving business through technology and helping companies reduce costs, improve efficiency and maximize productivity, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.