ProviDyn Becomes Certified Partner with Cambridge Sound Management, Inc.; Will Begin Offering Customers Next-Generation Sound-Masking Technologies

Atlanta, Georgia – July 25, 2016 – ProviDyn®, a provider of IT support, strategy and services for small and medium-sized businesses and nonprofits, today announced it has become a certified partner with Cambridge Sound Management, Inc. (CSM). CSM offers innovative, simple and intelligently designed solutions to address the problems of privacy and acoustic distractions in commercial environments. Its flagship QtPro™ sound masking system combines exceptional audio performance, low-impact installation and affordability while helping organizations achieve LEED Certification in the Indoor Environmental Quality category.

"QtPro is the market leader in sound masking technology, imprecisely known as 'commercial white noise', which is desperately needed in modern office environments," said ProviDyn CEO Hamish Davidson. "These products counteract typical acoustical workplace challenges to increase worker productivity and satisfaction while protecting private or confidential discussions."

CSM's patented QtPro solution, powered by direct-field Quiet Technology, delivers high-quality uniform sound masking that ProviDyn can now quickly and easily install.

  • A QtPro system consists of three-inch emitters that can be mounted in any ceiling type. Networked control modules regulate independent zones that can be managed from a smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • QtPro is the most energy-efficient sound masking system available, consuming less than 10 percent of the power of competitive systems. A single QtPro sound masking controller can provide coverage for 72,000 square feet of space while consuming only 27 watts of power—less than an exit sign.
  • QtPro systems are remarkably earth-friendly. All components are free from environmentally hazardous substances, including lead, and are built with recyclable materials. System components are assembled by either snapping or screwing the pieces together (with no glue), making them easy to disassemble for recycling.

"Our research into this company determined its commercial acoustics solutions offered better performance, more precise coverage and lower cost than other products on the market," said Davidson. "We look forward to working with our customers to showcase these impressive technologies."

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