ProviDyn Announces Security 2.0 Initiative; Cautions Business Owners Against “Solution Complacency”

Atlanta, Georgia – ProviDyn®, a provider of IT support, strategy and services for small and medium-sized businesses and nonprofits, today announcedit has debuted a new security and compliance offering dubbed ProviDyn Security 2.0. The service addresses security as a dynamic discipline, with ProviDyn's highly certified, seasoned security engineers working with clients to create and document policies, IT architectures and workflows that not only lower risk and liability, but also help organizations demonstrate due care for compliance reporting.

"Statistics show ninety percent of businesses have already been cyber attacked—and half of those have suffered damage from it, yet the majority of business leaders continue to focus on outdated preventive approaches, such as firewalls and anti-virus tools, that are no longer sufficient," said ProviDyn President and CEO Hamish Davidson. "WithProviDyn Security 2.0, the emphasis is on early detection and response rather than building indefensible barricades that won't hold attackers back. Only by combining a strong security posture with a formal incident response plan can companies realistically mitigate the odds of—and the damage from—a breach."

ProviDyn Security 2.0 doesn't sweep aside traditional solutions such as firewalls. Rather, it incorporates a much broader range of approaches, including policy and procedures, centralized identity management, proactive incident response and more. Recognizing that every company has a different risk threshold, ProviDyn tailors each program to that particular organization's assets, potential exposure and tolerance for risk. Recommendations also include practical mechanisms to address the compliance and auditing issues that face an increasing number of firms.

"For even the smallest firm, a security breach is no longer a possibility; it is an eventual certainty," said Davidson. "Compounding the problem, it takes the average organization months to discover it has been cyber attacked—if it ever does. ProviDyn 2.0 increases the speed with which companies can detect attacks and respond to intruders, thereby minimizing damage and liability—and dramatically increasing the odds of business continuity."

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