Pegasus Selects ProviDyn

ProviDyn®eliminates the IT burden, giving President of Pegasus Support Services peace of mind and the time to focus on servicing clients and growing the business.

ProviDyn, a provider of IT support, strategy and services for small and medium-sized businesses and nonprofit organizations, today announced that Pegasus Support Services, LLC, a small business that provides facilities operations and maintenance support services and logistics support services to federal, state and local governments, having selecting ProviDyn as its managed services provider, has now completed its initial implementation.

When Richard Tibbetts, president of Pegasus Support Services, founded the company, he was able to manage all of Pegasus’ IT needs himself and in fact, ran the business on his personal hard drive. However, as the company grew from a home based company to one that was quickly adding employees and generating $2.4 million in just one year, managing technology internally no longer made sense. Mr. Tibbetts began looking for a managed services provider that could take over the IT function and allow him to focus on growing the business.

Pegasus Support Services employs professionals across multiple states, so the ability to access and share files, as well as communicate and collaborate seamlessly, is critical. In addition, the company had already seen extremely rapid growth, requiring the IT infrastructure to quickly scale to meet employee and client needs. After evaluating several managed services providers, Mr. Tibbetts decided to move the company’s IT infrastructure to ProviDyn’s private cloud, relying on ProviDyn to provide day-to-day IT support and long-term strategy.

“In our business, the ability to scale rapidly is a necessity. It is possible for us to be awarded a federal government contract which adds as many as 20-50 employees within a very short time based on the needs of a particular project,” said Mr. Tibbetts. “IT is such a critical part of growing a small business and isn’t an area where entrepreneurs should cut corners. Our investment in ProviDyn allows us to scale, quickly and seamlessly, with little consternation, so that we can focus on servicing our clients and growing the business.”

About ProviDyn

ProviDyn provides technology expertise, services and support to help small and mid-sized organizations sustain growth and strengthen performance. Backed by technology experts, ProviDyn helps organizations gain the full benefits of existing technology, make strategic investments in implementing new technology and maintain an infrastructure that is secure, reliable and flexible. ProviDyn offers managed services, mobile computing, IT strategy, virtualization, cloud computing, business continuity, network security and IP telephony. To learn more about how ProviDyn is Driving Business Through Technology and helping companies reduce costs, improve efficiency and maximize productivity, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.

About Pegasus Support Services

Pegasus Support Services, LLC is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, formed in 2009 and headquartered in Woodstock, Georgia. Our company is dedicated to providing superior Facilities Operations and Maintenance support services and Logistics support services to our customers. Our corporate culture emphasizes a commitment to providing our customers with a high level of reliable, high quality customer service, diligent cost control and continuous quality improvement. We achieve these goals by hiring and training the highest quality employees and by empowering them to “do the right thing” and to provide the customer with unparallelled support. At Pegasus Support Services we always provide our customers with Performance, Solutions and Satisfaction.