Managed IT Support for a Pharmaceutical Company: (4 Levels Reviewed)

State-of-the-art facilities deserve state-of-the-art IT strategy and support.

What do MSP services look like for a company with a 120,000-square-foot generic pharmaceutical manufacturing facility?

Organized into four ticket categories, the next eight examples provide a vivid snapshot of routine events (tactical support) and longer-term plans (strategy).

The organization has two locations with 60 people in laboratory, warehouse, and office roles.

Best in Class IT for Manufacturing (4 Types Explained)

Continuous improvement requires continuous oversight.

ProviDyn recently onboarded a new manufacturing client with several hundred employees, thirty servers, over 300 devices, and nine locations across the globe.

We partner with their Manager, Global Information Technology (MGIT), and in-house Network Engineer to function as the “wing team” for every last detail of their infrastructure.