Pharmaceutical IT (6 Upgrade Projects & Related Costs)

Pharmaceutical IT (6 Upgrade Projects & Related Costs)

Jed Fearon

Solution Advisor, 17+ years of experience in MSP Solution Development, Sales and Marketing Communications

Your digital estate is constantly undergoing transformation.

The success of your mission hinges on constantly evolving IT systems and projects, designed and managed to satisfy five basic criteria: improving efficiency, lowering risk, strengthening compliance, optimizing security, reducing costs.

Each variable serves as a justification for action and appears regularly on your IT Road Map.

Organized by technology category (hardware, software, server, and network), implementations are time-sensitive and prioritized by risk: low, medium, or high risk.

The following project profiles apply to a pharmaceutical (generic drug manufacturing and distribution) client in Birmingham, Alabama with 100 employees.

While every journey differs in focus and scale, ProviDyn guides each client through a strategic IT Road Map with most, if not all, of these popular plot points and estimated professional services fees.

Some are under consideration and cited as ranges while others are completed, so an exact number appears.

Fees are not listed if the conversation is just beginning to take shape. And some "punch list" topics are intentionally omitted because they're finished.

We are not estimating hardware or software costs unless it’s a basic license or warranty renewal. These commodities are best quoted in real-time using world-class wholesale distributors like Ingram Micro and Tech Data.

Lastly, we are not quoting any monthly subscription services.

1 – Warranty Renewals

You don’t want to be in a position to need and not have critical coverage for servers that fail. Although this will be much less of a concern for onsite machines with the growth of superior cloud replacements, keeping your warranties current with annual agreements is critical.

It’s easy for coverage to lapse if someone doesn’t take ownership of the task.

If a machine crashes, there’s 24x7 tech support and assistance. The client also gets next-day onsite service following problem diagnoses.

The renewals in this example apply to a Dell PowerEdge R330 and a Dell PowerEdge R630.

Fees were $1,324.03.

2 – Terminal Server for Lab Application

Their lab required a solution with Dell PowerEdge R720 hardware, Schneider Electric Smart-UPS, Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services (RDS) 2019, Citrix XenApp Advanced Edition Connection Pack, Software Maintenance, and Support.

The initiative involved a multitude of planning and physical setup activities:

  • Project documentation
  • Document all new passwords
  • Document all new server configurations
  • Update the network diagram
  • Create/Update standard operating procedures
  • Document all new networking configurations
  • Server install
  • Unbox server
  • Setup Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC)
  • Install Windows 2019 Hyper-V Host with Hyper-V Enabled
  • Install all Windows updates
  • Join to domain
  • Add to backups
  • Install RMM agent to server
  • Install Hyper-V roles
  • Server install
  • Configure specs for 3 virtual guests
  • Install 3 Virtual Windows Servers 2016 Operating Systems
  • Install all Windows updates
  • Join to domain
  • Add to backups
  • Install RMM agents to servers
  • Configure file-sharing services on APP2
  • Install and configure RDS and licensing on APP1
  • Install and configure Citrix Virtual Apps STD edition on APP1
  • Travel to and from Birmingham
  • Equipment setup
  • Unbox UPS and put on the existing shelf, connect power
  • Unbox server, mount rails, and rack server
  • Post-Install support
  • Decommission old APP01 and APP02
  • Assist with any server, networking, or Citrix issues
  • Deploy the app to 15 workstations

Set-up fees were $9,750.00.

3 – Switch Renewal

Meraki switches (by Cisco) are one of the strongest networking and security solutions for small and midsize businesses today. I’m not joking when I say an MSP can not get Cisco to respond to any tech support inquiries if the solution involved is not under a current agreement.

Cisco’s licensing and subscription model is kind of complicated which is why clients love offloading the grunt work to their IT provider. Don’t believe me? Here’s a quick rundown of the line items:

  • Meraki Advanced License and Support, 1 Year
  • Meraki Advanced Security + 1 Year Support - Cisco
  • Meraki MX65 Cloud Managed Switch - Subscription
  • License 1 License - 1 Year License Validation Period
  • Meraki Advanced Security + 1 Year Support - Cisco Meraki
  • MX65 Cloud Managed Switch - Subscription License 1 License
  • 1 Year License Validation Period

Fees were $1,297.99.

4 – Laptop Refresh

Laptops, especially ones that travel a lot, should be replaced every three years. Older laptops will still work. However, it’s safer and better for productivity when everyone is on a standardized, and time-based refresh cadence.

ProviDyn charges a fixed fee for all laptop builds. Not counting the engineering and procurement time, each new notebook may take two to four hours per user to image and fully configure.

In this instance, the client ordered four Lenovo ThinkPads.

Set-up fees were $1,400.00.

5 – Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

This is just one small example of the countless items that fall under the project category.

Even inexpensive details matter. Nothing gets overlooked. Making sure the client is requesting and receiving the right brand and version of the software is never an afterthought.

Fees were $17.00.

What's Next?

Although I reviewed five essential projects, the number of items that appear on an IT Road Map is subject to change. Needs are never static. Initiatives are also organized differently for different clients.

Are you clear on your immediate IT priorities? What about six to twelve months from now or twelve to eighteen months out?

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