ProviDyn Delivers Cyber Security Awareness Training for MAAC

ProviDyn Delivers Cyber Security Awareness Training for MAAC


Atlanta, Georgia – May 29, 2018 – ProviDyn®, a provider of IT support, strategy and services for small and medium-sized businesses and nonprofits, recently conducted Employee Cyber Security Awareness Training for their valued client, Multi-Agency Alliance for Children or “MAAC.” MAAC’s mission is to coordinate people, resources, information and a network of quality providers to create positive outcomes for vulnerable youth and families.

Solution Advisor, Jed Fearon delivered 45 minutes of highly interactive training which focused on the human variable in lowering cyber risk. As Jed puts it, “With over 95% of data breaches caused by human error, I think it’s important for everyone to understand what to look for, how to respond and most importantly, to immediately engage with your managed services provider (in this case ProviDyn) any time you suspect a problem.”

The recent cyberattack on the City of Atlanta was a hot topic of discussion. Many reports estimate it cost taxpayers $2.7M because a decision was made to refuse payment of the $50,000 ransom. Not always an easy decision because you are dealing with criminals and can’t expect them to play by the rules. At the same time, city services and revenue intake were crippled. But if you have good backup, you can simply tell the crooks to run along and it’s business continuity as usual. Many of the advanced backup solutions of today, back up critical data every 15 minutes, onsite as well as offsite to multiple clouds which are geographically dispersed. These backups are also tested nightly to verify success. This allows you to go back 15 minutes in time and avoid the high cost of extortion and the even larger expense of downtime. Some backup and disaster recovery solutions even allow you to run everything in the cloud.

There was also a lot of talk around the dangers of shadow IT. This is the practice of users sending, receiving and storing files using webmail and file sharing services that are not approved or set up by their employer. Shadow IT also includes but is not limited to downloading software and smartphone applications that may be convenient for the user but can introduce viruses, ransomware and increase the risk of organizational data loss.

Fearon concluded by saying, “If you have any questions or receive a suspicious email, please call or email support at and we’ll let you know.”

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