4 IT Support Options: Insource vs Outsource vs Mixed

What changes and challenges are happening in your business?

A number of factors inspire companies to analyze their IT support: office moves, sales growth, adding headcount, quality of service issues, data breaches, compliance concerns, lack of proactive guidance, or strategy.

Are you getting a lot of user complaints? Working from home and using cloud applications doesn’t always work as planned.

Maybe you’re a well-funded startup or just doing some due diligence to make sure your current arrangement is delivering the competitive advantage you deserve.

Are You Getting Genuine Managed IT Services? (6 Defining Traits)

Managed Services has become a fashionable term. And sometimes this label has nothing to do with technology.

This article aims to provide an IT-centric definition, present the six defining traits, and explore the associated benefits, so you know how to identify and choose a genuine MSP.

What are Managed IT Services?

Managed Services is the proactive management of an IT (Information Technology) asset or object by a third party known as an MSP, on behalf of a customer.

MSPs & Financial Services

I recently heard a buddy of mine do a presentation about his financial planning practice and was taken aback by the similarities between his ideal client profile and ours. Like a lot of boutique, fixed-fee money managers, my colleague has an asset minimum of $1,000,000 but has occasionally worked with individuals who have less.