CASE STUDY: CURE Childhood Cancer Partners with ProviDyn for Managed IT Services; Gains Responsive, Attentive Support for “All Things IT”

In 2014, when CURE Childhood Cancer tired of hearing excuses rather than answers from its prior IT vendor, its search for a new technology partner led it to ProviDyn®. Today, says CURE Executive Director Kristin Connor, the relationship couldn’t be stronger. “They’ve shown a real desire to work with us and an interest in the cause,” says Connor. “I have total confidence in ProviDyn and its team.”

A Referral Brings Results

Like many non-profit organizations, CURE Childhood Cancer struggled to find a balance between robust IT support and cost control. Budget sensitivity had led them to partner with an IT vendor that ended up being less than satisfactory. “When we had problems, the vendor was always saying, ‘It is the Internet company’s problem,’ or, ‘It is the phone company’s problem,’” says Connor. “We were not getting the response we needed, and they never seemed to know how to fix anything.”