How to Know When You Have a Shadow IT Problem & What to Do Next

You probably have a Shadow IT problem.

I’m not picking on you. According to statistics from Microsoft, Shadow IT is alive and well at most organizations:

The average enterprise uses more than 1,500 cloud apps
88% of all cloud apps are not sanctioned by IT
78GB of data is uploaded monthly to risky cloud apps by the average enterprise

This brief checklist is designed to help you identify four “perfect storm” factors that contribute to the use of unsanctioned IT services.

The 6 Best Reasons to Ditch Your Phone System and Upgrade to Microsoft Business Voice

I feel like I’m dating myself by mentioning the term “phone system.”

Voice and data services have been converging for nearly twenty years. In fact, selling VoIP solutions back in 2003 was my career gateway into managed IT services.

In the early days, Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) with hosted VoIP services had an awkward relationship with Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

CLECS were putting customer premise equipment (AKA edge devices) on local area networks and MSPs were getting all kinds of new requests to change the settings to firewalls.