Aprima Solution

Abandoning Paper to Implement an EHR/PM? Why choose Aprima?

Aprima is Vision: Aprima is a single application built on a single database. For example, you can access a patient’s chart or insurance information without having to close one database and open another. Most companies deploy separate EHR and PM databases – that adds complexity. Or they let a separate EHR/PM applications share a database – that creates conflicts, such as when one application gets an upgrade. Alert: Don’t be fooled by a common interface that masks two databases. ASK.

Aprima is Individuality:
You can implement the Aprima solution in three ways:

  1. Integrated EHR/PM
  2. EHR only
  3. PM only

If you start with #2 or #3 you can migrate to the integrated system when your practice is ready. With our single database design, it takes just a simple activation code! Regardless of the solution, you decide how much or how little technology to manage.

Aprima Medical Software in Action
Aprima Medical Software in Action

Aprima is Speed: Aprima’s software is interoperable with payers, hospital systems, and devices. The seamless movement of data speeds transactions and reduces errors. Paper can’t do that. Aprima lets you enter data on a tablet PC by handwriting recognition, keying, transcribing, or dictating – whichever way is faster for each user.

Whether you are at the office, at home, at the hospital, or even on vacation, you can access your records. No more late-night drives to the clinic to pull charts.

Aprima is Care: Our philosophy is simple. Despite individual challenges in adoption, we’ll never allow a medical practice to fail. We offer training options at your office. The Aprima support team is just a phone call away in Texas, not Thadbai. Aprima guarantees 100% that the solution will meet the government’s requirements so that you will be eligible for 100% of your stimulus funds.

Ask for details.