Aprima is Practice Management


Revenue Cycle Management – Manage complex insurer fee schedules, primary and secondary insurance, and self pay in real time. Accelerate claims, produce accurate patient statements, and reduce days in A/R. With 3M code validation, rejections are reduced because coding errors are identified and corrected before claims are submitted.

Reminder Service – Aprima’s new proactive health maintenance reminders go beyond the standard patient appointment/confirmation service. When you set automatic alerts such as patients due for specific tests, screenings, or checkups, they will receive reminder calls. Providers improve the overall health of their patient populations.


Reporting – With Aprima’s single application and single database, you query patient demographics, financials, and clinical information from one menu. No more copying and pasting from multiple reports to create the one that meets your needs.

Dashboards – Customize a dashboard to keep each user on task. Include your inbox, appointment schedule, the icon connecting you to support…even a graph of your aging collections categorized by days past due. Minimize the dashboard for a clutter-free screen.


Messaging and Workflow - Aprima’s integrated messaging and workflow system does more than facilitate communication and assign tasks. With message filters, users select the type, urgency, and status of messages that display on their desktop.

Credit Card Processing – Replace your existing credit card terminal with Aprima’s integrated credit card transaction solution. You can automatically post credit and debit card information to patient ledgers, look up payment histories, and reconcile bank statements. You’ll eliminate re-keying errors and wasted time.

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) – Automatically process ERA responses from claims clearinghouses. Payments will be applied instantly to patient accounts and superbills. Manual posting and time wasted for account reconciliation are eliminated.