EHR/PM Solutions

Looking for a trusted business partner that can provide your practice with cutting-edge infrastructure?
ProviDyn is a certified partner of Aprima Medical Software.

Why doctors nationwide have chosen Aprima:

  • Works the way you want - Aprima is renowned for its ability to easily adapt to each physicians office workflow style.
  • Certified - Aprima 2011 is CCHIT certified. The commission awarded Aprima a perfect score in functionality, interoperability, and security.
  • Fully integrated - Aprima was built from scratch to be fully integrated with other vendors’ practice management systems.
  • Affordable – Aprima delivers superior quality at an affordable price.

What are the benefits of working with an Aprima Certified Partner like ProviDyn?

Implementation: Getting your EHR/PM solution installed correctly is critical. Our IT expertise guarantees that you get it right the first time.

Training: Having a local resource for training is more cost effective. We provide ongoing training and post-implementation support so we can provide more immediate assistance for training without the expense of travel.

Hardware: Most practices require hardware upgrades, such as the purchase of a server or desktops with enough memory and speed that are capable of running an EHR/PM solution. We can help! We are a Microsoft Certified Partner, Lenovo Partner, HP Partner, and Dell Partner.

Managed Services: What happens after your EHR/PM solution is installed? You will need assistance from a knowledgeable IT company who can help maintain your new infrastructure. Working with an IT company that is familiar with your EHR/PM solution is critical.

Investment: In addition to the cost of the EHR/PM solution, many times there will be additional cost with a technology upgrade. ProviDyn offers leasing options that can be rolled together with the cost of the EHR/PM solution so you make one monthly payment to one lender, not two or three.

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