Encompass™ PC Support

Encompass™ Premium Managed Services – PC Management monitors and manages your desktops and laptops 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Our Help Desk is available to provide end user support during normal business hours, as well as emergency after hours support. ProviDyn PC Management keeps your employees computers running efficiently and eliminates unnecessary downtime.

Encompass™ PC Management is available in three different service plans that provide either remote only support, unlimited on-site support, or after hours support. Each service plan receives the same level of outstanding customer service and response time.

Installation & Configuration

The Encompass™ system will be installed and configured within your company’s network infrastructure to allow Encompass™ to proactively manage and monitor computer activity to ensure constant uptime.

Unlimited Phone Support
Our Encompass™ Technicians are available to help you by phone on our toll free service line. Encompass™ can help walk you through common computer problems such as network connectivity, email retrieval and file access. If the identified problem cannot be resolved over the phone, the technician will arrange for on-site support.

Unlimited Remote Control Support
Remote Control Support allows your Encompass™ Technician to view your computer screen and work with you to resolve your computer problem.

Microsoft Application Support
Encompass™ will oversee all Microsoft programs such as Word, Excel, and Outlook to ensure that these applications are updated and running event free.

Emergency After Hours Support
Encompass™ will respond to computer problems after your normal business hours and on weekends (Monday – Friday 5:00 pm – 8:00 am, Saturday and Sunday 24 hours). Emergency support is available via phone, remote or onsite to ensure that your business remains productive 24/7.

Unlimited On-Site Support
Encompass™ will arrange for a technician to resolve your computer problem on-site at your office location. Silver subscribers may receive this service billed at an hourly rate.


Online Asset Management
You will have access to an online inventory report of your business’s, computer hardware and software resources.

Online Case Management
Encompass™ maintains a computer problem log that allows you to view a complete summary of computer issues and resolutions. Your Encompass™ manager will address resolutions for computers that require ongoing support.

Online License Management
Encompass™ will provide notification to remind you of pending software licensing laws to remain software compliant. You will be able to view all software agreements in the Online Inventory Report.

Desktop Optimization & Management

A healthy computer system requires routine updates. A Encompass™ technician will ensure that your computers receive current service packages including Windows Updates, Office Updates, anti-virus updates and anti-spyware updates.

Spyware & Adware Prevention
Spyware and Adware are computer programs that computer users may accidentally download onto their computer. Spyware monitors the computer user’s activity on the Internet, gathers files, email addresses, and password information, and transmits that information to an outside source. Adware also collects computer user’s activities and uses that information to show internet advertising on the computer’s browsers – often resulting in the user being bombarded with pop-up ads. Both types of program are uninvited and almost always unwanted. Encompass™ will prevent both Spyware and Adware from entering by continuously monitoring your company’s computers and by educating employees on ways to avoid inadvertently downloading these programs. Encompass™ stops Spyware and Adware before it occurs.

VPN Client Management
A VPN, virtual private network, allows you to securely access your company network and files remotely. Encompass™ will create and maintain a VPN for you.


Antivirus Software Management & Updates
Viruses can bring your business to a screeching halt and damage critical data. Encompass™ will monitor and manage your company’s network security, antivirus software, firewall, and VPN (virtual private network) as well as install security programs to protect your information and systems.

Software Patch Management
Software patches are routine security and stability software upgrades provided by software companies to solve discovered software security issues. These patches are designed as intermediate solutions until the next software release. Encompass™ will install and manage patches to keep your software secure and stable, protecting your computers from downtown or lost data.