Encompass™ Network Support

Encompass™ Premium Managed Services – Network Management monitors and maintains your network 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Our Network Management is available in three different service plans based on your business needs. Our plans can include strategic IT consulting services, disaster recovery planning, project management, and network optimization.

Installation & Configuration

The Encompass™ system will be installed and configured within your company’s network infrastructure to allow Encompass™ to proactively manage and monitor computer activity to ensure constant uptime.


ISP Management
Encompass™ will help you manage your ISP (internet service provider) relationship to ensure your Internet connectivity runs event free. ISP services include domain name ownership renewal, host connectivity, IP-address links, web servers, mail servers, and databases.

Web Host Support
Encompass™ will facilitate your web host relationship to ensure that your website actively runs event free. Brochure, e-commerce, or web-application sites will be monitored for uptime and specific applications.

3rd Party Vendor Management
Encompass™ will interface with your 3rd party IT vendors on your behalf.

Network Management

Router Management
Encompass™ will ensure your router is configured properly to optimize network performance and ensure critical business systems run.

Anti-Virus Management
Viruses can bring your business to a stop and damage critical data. Encompass™ will monitor and manage your company’s network security, and install anti-virus programs to protect your systems.

Firewall Management
Firewalls are used to prevent unauthorized access into your business’s private network. Encompass™ will keep your network protected with the most current firewall solutions.

VPN Management
A VPN, virtual private network, allows you to securely access your company network and files remotely. Encompass™ will create and maintain a VPN for you.

Asset Management

Asset Lifecycle Management
Networks have a defined efficiency lifecycle and need to be replaced to ensure system productivity. Encompass™ will review your existing network resources and create a network lifecycle timeline.

Asset Report
You will have access to an online inventory report of your business’s network resources.

Projects & Strategic Planning

Assigned CIO
Encompass™ clients will be assigned a CIO, Chief Information Officer, who will oversee all technology activity at your company and report directly to a determined point of contact. All ProviDyn CIO’s have over 10 years of experience managing information technology solutions as applied to best business practices. They have expertise in administering the day-to-day flow of information in and out of the company as well as ensuring safe and efficient computer, server, and network system operation.

Unlimited Purchasing Support

Encompass™ will provide recommendations for new technology purchases to enhance and support your network. We will research the most competitive prices and coordinate the order. We will also install new components upon delivery.

Scheduled CIO Calls
Your Encompass™ assigned CIO, Chief Information Officer, will monitor your network systems. During scheduled calls, you can discuss strategic growth plans and additional ways that your business can leverage technology.

Project Research & Proposals
Encompass™ will research and provide estimate proposals for new computer, server and network upgrades and additions to your existing system.

Disaster Recovery Plans
Encompass™ will plan for business continuity in the event of a disaster that destroys part or all of your company’s resources and file records.

Annual Technology Plan
Encompass™ will work with you to forecast your hardware and software needs and to establish a budget for new technology purchases and upgrades on a yearly basis.