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Private Cloud Services for Businesses

Move to Your Own Private Cloud with ProviDyn

Encompass™ Private Cloud computing delivers the best of both worlds. You have the comfort of knowing that your data and systems are securely stored and operating in your own, dedicated Private Cloud accessible only by those you explicitly designate. At the same time you gain the cost savings and peace of mind that come with having your systems running safely off of your premises in a state of the art data center where the speed, reliability, and security are second to none.

ProviDyn's Private Cloud Services delivers a comprehensive, virtual IT solution for your business.

By offloading your IT infrastructure – servers, software and related applications – to ProviDyn, you can leverage expertise AND technology otherwise reserved for much larger enterprises.

ProviDyn also offers Hybrid Cloud solutions.

With a hybrid cloud, where the benefits will be greatest, specified assets are relocated to the Cloud. Where there’s a strong need to retain certain assets on premises, they’ll remain there. When appropriate, these on-premises assets will be highly virtualized for cost effectiveness; and they’ll be tightly integrated with your Encompass Private Cloud based infrastructure.

Either way, your systems remain safe – our IT engineers maintain, monitor and protect all of your assets from one secure data center whether they are at our highly secure Tier IV data centers or you’ve chosen to retain them on your premises. If you’re considering a move to the cloud, ProviDyn can walk you through a range of options to address your specific business needs.

  • Hosting services for your critical business applications
  • Uninterrupted, secure and convenient access to your data anytime, anywhere
  • The latest technology with ongoing upgrades and updates
  • A rock-solid, physically secure environment for your systems and data
  • Bulletproof Backup & Fully Managed Firewall

Encompass Private Cloud Services – Reap the Rewards

Save Time – Eliminate “down time” and increase the speed and efficiency of your systems Save Space – Eliminate the need for onsite servers or other space hoarding equipment Save Expense – Eliminate the need cost to buy/upgrade hardware and software

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    Experience, expertise, and a commitment to producing results for your business – not just your technology.

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