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In business, as in life, almost everything requires regular review and adjustment: annual medical exams with your doctor, quarterly evaluations of your financial portfolio with your financial advisor, car tune ups with your mechanic. Your organization’s technology infrastructure is no different. But many people believe in the “set it and forget it” philosophy. Once their technology architecture is deployed, they don’t think about it again… until it breaks.

At ProviDyn, we recognize how critically important it is to have an expert review your technology frequently. Are there better ways to leverage technology to increase revenue or track customers? Is outdated equipment impacting your people’s productivity? Is your proprietary data properly secured? Is there unknown risk? These questions are seldom asked and even more rarely evaluated, when they should be addressed on a recurring basis.

Now ProviDyn offers you the peace of mind that your current infrastructure is receiving the attention it requires through our ProviDyn Assessment and Readiness Program (PAR).

ProviDyn provides technology expertise, services, and support to help small and mid-sized organizations like yours sustain growth and strengthen performance. With the ProviDyn Assessment and Readiness program, we evaluate your technology infrastructure to uncover opportunities to increase efficiency and to determine readiness for new technology.

For many small to mid-sized businesses and nonprofits, a focus on growth can result in a reactive approach to managing technology. However, common incidents, such as equipment failures or security breaches, can impact productivity – or even put critical data at risk. Awareness and proactive IT management can prevent these situations.

ProviDyn developed PAR to provide growing businesses with both a comprehensive view of their existing technology infrastructure, and expert advice on selecting the best technologies and solutions. This increases current efficiency and ensures proper planning for anticipated future needs – before an issue arises.

Conversations with executives, department heads and other stakeholders to determine current IT issues and successes, and future goals. Understanding the company and its growth drivers help determine if the right technologies are in place to meet its goals.

An evaluation of the current systems and network infrastructure to determine quality, brand and model, age and proper deployment. This step also includes checking for proper cabling, switching, and routing; along with inspecting backup system hardware.

Identifies any environmental factors, such as exposure to heat, dust and particulate matter. This step will also note vulnerability to fire and water (flood or fire suppression), theft, and protection from possible employee tampering or accidental damage.

A review of current software licensing including versions and both legal and technical compliance. The ProviDyn team will also look at the configuration of digital systems to see if they can prevent both internal and external security threats. This will help prioritize such strategic alternatives as updating to a more current software version, selecting better software for a particular job or configuring firewalls for added security.

Hamish Davidson
Co-founder and President of ProviDyn.

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